Online Engagement

Ready to Chat with Your Prospects?


Attracting new prospects.  The lifeblood of every dealership.

iconAttractLgAttracting new prospects is critical to the success of every dealership.  And while the number of ways to attract prospects has increased dramatically, so has the complexity of marketing to a new generation of buyers.  The web has changed everything leveled the playing field and consumer behavior has made your homepage the new front door of your dealership.  Customer will seek you out, research online and come into the store aware of your inventory and better educated than ever before. 

90% of all buyers will visit the web before they set foot in your store. Our job is to attract them to your site, engage them, convert them from anonymous browsers and deliver them to you as qualified leads.

Would you allow a prospect to walk onto your lot or enter your store and then leave without ever being welcomed or attended to?  Your dealership's website represents thousands of visitors each month. They come and go without ever being welcomed or greeted!

MyRVAdvantage's Online Engagement service proactively meets, greets and qualifies your web visitors.  Our team is able to turn an anonymous web visitor into a real person with a name, a phone number, an email address and their buying interest!  We immediately pass along that valuable lead information directly to your sales team so that they can call that interested prospect and make the Sale! 

Getting those prospect to find you is just step one.  Our advanced technology; like our website, SEO engine, Inventory Showroom and Content Catalog when combined with the common sense expertise and experience of our dedicated staff combined to position your dealership in the online search stream to people who are looking for what you have find you.