Text Marketing


Stay In Front of Your Competition and Prospects

In 2013, mobile phones will be the most common web access device in the world surpassing computers.

MyRVAdvantage is now offering a new content delivery platform that is to leverage existing customers & marketing services with the exponential mobile usage growth. 93% of the U.S. population has a mobile device, 72% of those devices being smart phones or mobile web devices. 98% of all text messages are read, with an average open time of 4 minutes. SMS Marketing has high participation rate of 45% with an outstanding 17% conversion ratio.

Time to add TEXT to your marketing strategy!

 Text marketing has proven itself to be the absolutely most effective advertising medium available.

 MyRVAdvantage has developed a SMS marketing platform that allows you to quickly,
effectively and economically implement mobile marketing campaigns for your existing
customers and prospects in a matter of minutes.

We will provide the SMS marketing platform to include:
- Shared short codes (control costs by sharing across the enterprise)
- Mandatory opt-in (regulate spam and increase retention)
- 5 Keywords per install
- 7 different types of keyword campaigns
- 24/7 online support

Create keyword campaigns that drive subscriptions to receive relative information.
Increase consumer retention by sending current news, special offers or event promotion

Invite people for a chance to win prizes. Winners will be selected randomly.This is a
great way to build your data base of subscribers.

Text Marketing

Text Marketing is the most efficient and effective addition to your overall marketing strategy!  MyRVAdvantage makes it easy to start and to use ensuring immediate success.  We are offering only one plan...because that is all you need.  $99 per month, $199 setup fee and you are up and running.  Contact us for more information.