Simple CRM


CRM Made Simple!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is always a hot topic no matter what industry. Managing customers and prospects in a centralized and meaningful way is absolutely critical for any successful business!

The challenge is ease of use on a daily basis. If your CRM system is too complicated...your team will not consistently use it.  On the other hand, if our system is too basic, the productivity gains are lost...and your team will not consistently use it.

MyRVAdvantage offers our 4th (and best) version of CRM:  SIMPLE CRM.

Simple CRM offers the best of the basics with the flexibility needed to suite your dealership's customer and prospect management needs.  The MyRVAdvantage CRM suite will help you to manage deals, service work, customer needs, as well as help you to coordinate your team in an easy to use, yet efficient user environment.  

There are no individual licenses.  Simple CRM offers an open license for all of your users...its well, SIMPLE.

Simple CRM Plan

Simple CRM has just one suite offering, one licensing option and guess what, its SIMPLE!  Unlimited User Licenses for your Dealership for $99 per month, $399 setup fee and you are done.  Contact us for a product demonstration!